Judge’s comments on
“What Lies Ahead”


"This piece is incredibly beautiful. The texture is great, and creates a unique feel to the piece. I love the mosaic nature of the glass. Awesome uses of different combined mediums!”

Judge’s comments on
“Swedish Dala Horse”


"Great use of contrast within this piece. Very interesting mediums used. Great detail within the horse. Great job!”

"Greatings from us!

Today we celebrate Swedish Midsummer at our summerhouse. Thank you very much for your picture of your Dalarhäst. Hope you all are well!”

From John and
Minnie’s Garden


"I had a piece of broken china that belonged to my great grandmother. Becki turned it into a wall plaque that has beauty and whimsey as well as being a wonderful piece of memorabilia."


Grandmother purchased Dancers for granddaugher’s birthday.

Doctors Without Borders Basket

Nantucket Basket


"Hello Becki,

I just wanted to write to you to let you know I purchased your beautiful mosaic 'Nantucket Basket' in the Doctors Without Borders Auction. Thank you very much for donating it to the auction and for making such a lovely work.

I bought it because my Mum used to make flower arrangements just like this, in a little white basket purse of mine, when I was a little girl, exactly like this. My lovely Mum died in June this year, just 3 weeks short of her 95th birthday.

Mum and Dad used to constantly use Noritake China too, when we were growing up, though not the same pattern.

You said your Mum is a doctor, and you know how hard she works. We can only agree. We have just retired from our Chiropractic Clinic, and it is a very demanding constant job/calling.

I have changed my art practice recently to working in mosaics, after seeing Marian Shapiro's work, and being inspired to do a couple of workshops with her. I am loving the possibility of mosaics and it has enlivened my life again.

We live in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Australia, not far from Marian. Your lovely work will be winging its way across the Pacific to be on our walls soon. I have a little section of the family room for my mum, so I am planning to hang your mosaic just above the lovely photo of my mum, and arrange flowers again in my little basket.

Thank you again very much Becki.


Best wishes (how true...'sweet mosaics'.)!"