My Creative Process


My art comes to my mind in several ways…

I take photographs of scenery I think will make a great mosaic…

Or a concept pops into my head.



Most of my designs are cooked in my head.

I let the idea simmer while I start working on the layout of the mosaic.

While I am placing the tesserae (tiles, beads, wire, glass), I am still comteplating the design.

Depending upon the tesserae, the piece is grouted, framed, and prepared for hanging.  From there, the piece is off to an exhibit or to the Lakewood Arts Gallery for display.

Finding Words

Finding Words

I was very motivated by the Colorado Mosaic Artists community project for Children’s Hospital. We created an interactive piece of art so that patients and parents waiting in the MRI room would have something to look at well as “to do.”

I wanted my piece to be interactive as well. I took the idea of a word puzzle and decided to use jewelry bezels to be the squares. My color design followed what CMA had done for the mural — the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV). I had fun making it although I had to be very careful that everything was spelled correctly and in the right place. I added the wire on three words to help viewers “see” how the words were placed.