I am Becki Whittington, the proud owner and artist of Sweet Mosaics, LLC.
Please enjoy my site and contact me with your interest in having an original piece of art.

My work is for sale and commissioned pieces are always possible.
Please contact me!

Artist Statement

I am an artist that loves the process of creating using the processes found in instructional design. My inspirations come from so many places but only one at a time “cooks” in my brain. The piece is created, revised, and evaluated several times before the actual creation begins.


The goal is to put the essence of myself into each piece so it is one-of-a-kind, whimsical, thoughtful, and has a story to be told. I use unique combinations of shape, texture, and color along with a wide variety of materials to create these works of art. The art is created with tile, china, beads, jewelry, scrapbook paper, photographs, stained glass, wire, tempered glass, polymer clay, acrylic paint, and alcohol ink. The interpretation of artwork is always in the eye of the beholder, yet I try to include an interactive moment with a game and/or a phrase.